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Full Body Massage

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Full body massage in ludhiana by female to male. Enjoy a complete experience of rest and meditation. This relaxing technique uses essential oils that benefit the body. From a relaxing combination that helps eliminate insomnia, to an energetic that will leave you ready to continue your tasks of the day.

Let us look at how to do relaxing full body massage. The first condition - great location on who will massage. Best of all, if he will lay on a long table, always face down with arms parallel to the body. In an extreme case, fit the floor, but the bed and other soft places have to give. massage oil should buy in advance for the best sliding hands. On sale you can even find a special relaxing oils, to such concerns and orange. Pre oil can warm up a bit, it will contribute to more rapid heating of the skin.

Relaxing massage in ludhiana : With this treatment we relax and release tensions from day to day. It is performed throughout the body; from the feet to the head. The professional performs the service with their hands and forearms. It is of slow, rhythmic and constant time to relax Body and Mind

Address: Flamesz Mall, Malhar Cinema Rd, Ludhiana, Punjab - 141013

You can call for appointment : - 09718775747

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